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❤️Red : Festive, 🎈Energetic, Courage, Passion & Love🎀

🍂Needless to say, RED is the color that stands for Courage, Heat, Activity, Passion, Sexuality, Anger, Love, and Joy, also it's symbolizing happiness and good fortune.

🧣Every clothes in RED will make you look more Energetic and Passionate. For this Cold Winter, we have updated hundreds of Plus Size Red Collection, for you to refresh your wardrobe and warm you up.

💃Imagine this: A Red plus size maxi dress can bring more happiness to your friends when you are attending their weddings, a Red velvet plus size top with fur cuffs will definitely make you look more

elegant and decent when you're enjoy families gatherings. Moreover, Christmas is coming, color Red is absolutely on the theme. (You can choose Green as well.)

🔥We also have other colour collection for you to pick up your favourite: 🎄Christmas, Black, Mother of the Bride, ect.

❤️Print yourself a warm and lucky Winter~